Frequently Asked Questions


1.   What is the GiftCard?

The JAJ GiftCard is a perfect gift solution from JOYALUKKAS JEWELLERY. The Gift Card can be used by recipients to buy what they want when they want from Joyalukkas jewellery stores at your nearest place. Joyalukkas Gift Card is a card with monetary value which makes for a great gift, redeemable only at all Joyalukkas outlets.

2.   How do I purchase a Giftcard?

You can purchase GiftCards through online from Joyalukkas website or from the nearest outlets.

3.   Where can I use the GiftCard?

The GiftCard can be used to purchase jewellery from the chosen country where our outlet presence.

4.   Is the GiftCard a credit card?

No it is a prepaid card.

5.   How much money I can put on my Giftcard?

You can purchase GiftCards in the amount you choose from (US$ 30 - US$ 1250) AED 100 - AED 5000 (or equivalent value in other currencies).

6.   How can I check my balance on the GiftCard?

Balance can be checked at any of our jewellery outlets where the card is originated.

7.   Can I use my GiftCard to withdraw cash at the ATM?

No, you can't use your GiftCard at an ATM or do any cash advance transactions.

8.   How many times I can use my GiftCard?

It can be used until all of the credit on the GiftCard has been spent within the validity period. It doesn't have to be spent all at once.

9.   Will the receiver of the GiftCard receive a statement?

No. GiftCard receivers can be checked their balance at any of our jewellery outlets.

10.   What if I need to return an item purchased through the gift card?

Returns are at the discretion of the products category and its own return policies and will handle the returns in the same way as any other transaction.

11.   Does the GiftCard have an expiry date?

Yes. It expires 12 months from the activation or reload date, But it can be renew as per JAJ discretions. We encourage you to use the entire gift amount before the Gift Card expires.

12.   What happens if I lose my Joyalukkas Gift card?

You need to treat this gift card like cash, Joyalukkas is not liable to replace or reimburse the value of your gift card if it is lost, stolen, damaged or expired.

13.   Can I place an order for the delivery to multiple addresses/ locations?

No, currently you will have to place multiple orders for delivery to multiple addresses/ locations.

14.   How long will it take for you to respond to my question?

We respond to queries within 3 business days. Please note that only actual business hours of operation apply to our response time. For instance, if you send in a query to us on Friday evening at 7.p.m., our response time to you could take up to 3 business days, which means you will receive a reply by the following Wednesday. In most, cases, your response will come sooner, though.

Registration Related

1.   Do I need to register to be able to shop at

Yes you are required to register to be able to shop at

2.   Are my personal details secured?

Please refer to our Privacy policy and Safe Shopping with Joyalukkas commitment.

3.   What will I do if I forget my login id & password?

Go to Login tab on the landing page of Click on Forgot Password Tab, and enter your email id. Your login id and password shall be emailed to your email id immediately.

4.   Is email address mandatory when registering?

Yes. Your email ID is the mandatorily required for registration.

5.   Can I have multiple accounts linked to the same email id?

No, you can have a single email id linked to a single account only.

6.   How can I inquire about the status of my order?

You can track the status of your order by logging in and clicking on Order Status.

7.   How do I know that my gift has been collected?

You'll receive an automated email & SMS confirmation as soon as your order is shipped.

8.   How do I check the status of my order?

When you place an order with us, you create a login id & password during the registration process. You can use the same to access your account to check your order status.

9.   Can I send a personalized message with the gift?

Yes, we provide you with that option, while placing an order.

Security Related

1.   Is my credit / debit card secure when I use it on your website?

We at Joyalukaks are concerned about the safety and security of our customers. Accordingly, we have put a number of technological protections in place to ensure that our transaction process is extremely safe and that our customers' information is secure. For enhanced security Joyalukkas does not accept any financial information on its servers. All such information entered by you is directly received through our payment gateway and are then transmitted to your banks servers. All this is done through industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Majority of online transactions are completed without incident. However, please keep in mind that customer protection is a two-way street. When buying on any online venue, caution must always be practiced. Following are some guidelines that you should follow to ensure safe and secure online shopping experience.

Read more about safety and security tips.

Payment Related

1.   How does the online payment system work & which are the available payment options?

Payment can be done by using all Visa / MasterCard. Once we receive card authorization, the order will be processed and an email notification will be forwarded to the registered email. 
 Please note that Gifting payment for the USA can be done only by credit/ debit cards issued from the USA.

2.   What are the reasons when my credit card might be refused?

Debit and credit card companies refuse authorization of debit/credit cards for a specific number of reasons, 

•  The credit card number entered is not a valid number (often the result of a typo)

•  The credit card does not have enough credit balance left to pay for the order.

•  The billing address entered in the order form does not exactly match the address on your credit card statement (also sometimes the result of a typo).

•   The expiration date of the credit card is not entered correctly (also sometimes the result of a typographical error).

•   OTP 3D secure authorization fails from the issuer.

3.   What happens if I do not update my personal information?

In this case, the debit / credit card issuing bank may not authorize the transaction, and it will not be processed by us.

4.   Is there a limit to the value that i can buy for?

Yes. You can order for the maximum gift value of us$1000 equivalent only per transaction which may vary country wise. The number of transactions per day is limited to Three (3). Also, one person can accept a maximum of 3 gifts per day.

Delivery Method

1.   How E-Gift Delivery works?

• The recipient will get an e-gift card with barcode instantly through email and SMS or on the desired delivery date as chosen by sender after the successful payment process.
• Present the Bar code (Downright side) to any of Joyalukkas Jewellery stores as mentioned in the E-gift card to collect your Gift Card.
• A valid ID of the receiver along with the voucher will be required while collecting the Gift Card.
• The sender will get a seperate  email notification  upon gift message opening  and collection of gift card.